1-on-1 Mindset Coaching Four Sessions (Plus)


Over my 20 years as a Realtor, and the last 15 years in coaching and training positions, I have found it’s generally not the tactics that agents are lacking. Though they think it is which is where the Toolbox Fallacy comes from but that’s another discussion.

What’s holding agents back from becoming their best selves is their mindset.

And more often than not, they care so much about other people, their fear is holding them back!

You might have the desire to help the world but can’t pick up the phone.

You are dying to be the amazing real estate agent that you are but are scared to be seen as a pushy agent.

There’s a gap between what you know you can do and what you are actually doing and you have no idea why.

Over the years, helped a lot of agents find their voice and find their path. I got them out of beating themselves up and helped give them the tools and insights to hit another level

Here’s what you get with this coaching:

  • We go deep on Zoom calls for at least 30 minutes for four weeks in a row.
  • You also get up to 60 minutes of extra time with me during the week to text, call or message. I call this “in-game” coaching.  Instead of waiting until our call time, we can address something as it’s happening or talk through a moment before you have to deal with it.




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