3 Keys to More Real Estate Referral

What is a Real Estate Referral?

A real estate referral refers to the practice of recommending or directing someone to a real estate professional or agency for their real estate needs.

This recommendation typically comes from a person who may have firsthand experience with the real estate professional’s services or has knowledge of their expertise in a specific market or area.

Real estate referrals can come from various sources, including friends, family members, colleagues, or other professionals in related industries.

The person making the referral may have had a positive experience working with the recommended real estate agent or believes that the agent is well-suited to meet the specific needs of the individual seeking real estate services.

In many cases, real estate professionals may have referral networks or agreements in place, where they compensate the person making the referral for successfully bringing in new clients.

Referrals are a common way for real estate professionals to build their client base and establish trust in the industry.

Learn the 3 simple steps you can take today to start getting more referrals as a real estate agent.

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About Your Host, Justin Stoddart

Justin Stoddart is the CEO of ProInsight™, the author of The Upstream Model Book and host of Think Bigger Real Estate Podcast. In his view, we connect and enable collaboration between the best relationship-based professionals who serve property owners.

Learn the 3 simple steps you can take today to start getting more real estate referrals.

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