Business Planning Master Class


Christine George is a classically trained marketer with extensive customer marketing experience in real estate franchising, brokerage, and consumer packaged goods. Her niche is creating business development and marketing strategies for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and real estate professionals. Christine’s corporate upbringing, discipline, and belief in building long-lasting client relationships give her a unique approach to creating customized business and marketing solutions. She has dedicated her life to helping professionals grow their businesses by implementing strategy, real life application, and by taking on a clear perspective. She is a sought after originator and values elevating her students to achieve their highest aspirations by implementing practical application.

In this series Christine, guides us through the difficult processes of starting and running a profitable business. Through her customizable business map she prepares us in becoming fluent achievers.

During this 2 part Masters Class, you will come away with: 

– A deep understanding of your personal value.  Your unique value is your secret sauce, the thing, the tone, the voice, the personality that has your clients coming back and sending referrals your way.

– A strong knowledge about who your clients are, what niche you are serving, and what are their communication and behavioral norms.

– A determination of goals that make sense for you, your business, and how it all fits into your life.

– A path of specific activities you will implement to achieve your goals.

– A system for assessing your goals and making necessary adjustments along the way.

– Finally, you’ll walk away with our complete business planning workbook, know-your-numbers worksheet and activity calendar.

Get ready agents, we’re about to get, OnTrack!

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Part 1 - Review your Business

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Part 2 - Putting the Pieces in Place


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