Kickstarter Pre-Licence Workbook


Kickstarter Real Estate Pre License Workbook

Welcome to real estate! This Kickstarter work is made for pre-licensed, aspiring agents, with all the tools you will need before you quit their day job! It is meant to arm you with information so that you can make positive decisions for yourself and your family.

Kickstarter is a workbook that takes you through the seven levels of thinking you must consider BEFORE you start your real estate business.

Kickstarter will teach you how to choose a brokerage, what to ask them and how to compare are outlined in this book. By the time you finish the exercise, you’ll know exactly who fits with you!

Real estate is about closing transactions, but first, you have to find someone to work with. With Kickstarter, you’ll get a detailed way to analyze your community, friends and family to see if you can close a transaction in the first year.  Your brokerage/team lead will rarely hand you someone to work with. You must know how to find clients yourself. The Kickstarter workbook will help with that.

Kickstarter will work you through your 30 day and 90 day launch plan. After all, just getting your license doesn’t help you close transactions. It will take at least 3 months to close your first transaction. Some real estate agents have reported only closing one transaction in the first year of their business.

Kickstarter will help you understand what type of launch budget you’ll need and how to save the nest egg required to succeed in your first year. Over 80% of real estate agents are unsuccessful in staying in the business after their first year, and most of it could be traced back to poor management of funds out of the gate.

You’ll also learn the inter workings of a business. What hats you’ll wear and your responsibilities. Kickstarter breaks down step by step all of the responsibilities you’ll have as a new real estate agent. From contracts, to lead generation, to marketing to showing homes, you’ll find there is a lot more to it than just opening doors for buyers or putting up a sign for sellers.

Successful real estate agents view the real estate industry as a craft to be learned and they learn something new every single day. Even the most experienced. Be prepared to be a student for the rest of your real estate career, because if you can do that, you’ll have a luxurious and rich life.

The question is, are you willing to do the work to achieve that?

Know before you go, and get the Kickstarter workbook and crush your first year as a real estate agents.

Available to purchase in bulk. Email for pricing.

About Kickstarter:

Kickstarter was created by NA365 (New Agent 365) a group of real estate agents who advocate for other real estate agents in their protection and success. It was written and created by Shelley Zavitz. Once you’re licensed, take the award-winning new agent program – “NA365 Missions”


How hard is it to get into real estate? It depends on who you know, and how well you can attract clients! Figure that out easily with the Kickstarter Workbook.

Product By:
Shelley Zavitz


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