No Broke Months for Real Estate Agents

In the words of No Broke Months Real Estate Coach and AuthorDan Rochon:

“Inconsistent deals can cause you to feel physical anxiety. And not knowing how you will pay your rent or mortgage, car bill, or feed your kids SUCKS.”

Since hitting some lows in business and life, Dan has gone on to now average over 10 closings per month since 2008.

In today’s exclusive training for the Think Bigger Real Estate Community, Dan is going to tell us exactly how he’s done that.

And even more important than how Dan Rochon has done that, he’s going to share how he also helps other agents never have a broke month again.

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About Your Host, Justin Stoddart

Justin Stoddart is the CEO of ProInsight™, the author of The Upstream Model Book and host of Think Bigger Real Estate Podcast. In his view, we connect and enable collaboration between the best relationship-based professionals who serve property owners.

Learn how to have “no broke months” from Dan Rochon and Justin Stoddart on the Think Bigger Real Estate Show

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