Get More Referrals – The PI Certification

Learn how to get more Referrals as a Real Estate Agent with the PI Certification.

Receiving referrals from other professionals has always been a bit of a Herculean effort… until now.

As the CEO of ProInsight, my business partner and I have identified that referrals should actually NOT be the end goal.

Instead, the goal should be business integration.

Join me for a special podcast presentation in which I will walk you through what we are doing at ProInsight to help you rise above the slow-going and inconsistent professional referral game to an entirely new way of getting business from other professionals.

This new referral method is easier and more simple than you can imagine.

About Your Host, Justin Stoddart

Justin Stoddart is the CEO of ProInsight™, the author of The Upstream Model Book and host of Think Bigger Real Estate Podcast. In his view, we connect and enable collaboration between the best relationship-based professionals who serve property owners.


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