Mike Solitro

Mike Solitro

Mike Solitro


Accomplished𝙍𝙀 || We collaborate 1:1 with exceptional entrepreneurs for more leads, more clients, and more profitability || Stop a shifting real estate market from controlling your business

Do you want ⏰Time, 📍Location, & 💰Financial Freedom from Your Real Estate Business?

But not sure of how to MarketProof it?

Tired of running on the Transaction Treadmill?

Tired of harassing your friends and family for leads?

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The good news?

There's a better way

If you're a real estate professional and you say things like....

❌ Although I work all of the time, and harder than I ever have, I don't make a consistent paycheck

❌ I'm always working and have no control of my schedule

❌ The market determines the success of my business

I work 1:1 with you, so you can ditch your job, run your own business, and increase profitability, all without working harder, even if you just had your best year. Regardless of market conditions, you will achieve ⏰Time, 📍Location, & 💰Financial Freedom

Book Time: https://tinyurl.com/yeywd3tk

“But I sold $100M+ last year” → Let’s make it better, let’s do it easier

“But I sold 50 properties last year” → Let’s make it more efficient, let’s do it faster

“But I have more leads than I can handle” → Let’s make it more effective, at lower costs

Our Core Principles eliminate your recurring stressors and increase your business's profitability
📋 Mission & Vision
🗂 Organizational Alignment
📊 Effective ROI
🤝 Client Experience
🧑‍🔧 Challenge Elimination

When you integrate these principles, you will:

✅ Never worry where your next client is coming from because you'll have a pipeline full of leads wanting to do business with you

✅ Be seen as a market leader so when it comes to you vs. the competition, buyers and sellers only think of you

What others are saying: https://tinyurl.com/3fdmvwhz

Let me tell you a true story, if you believe me, you will be well rewarded

If you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your time to change your mind, let me explain

For more than a decade, I’ve leveraged dispute resolution practices and lean principles to solve complex problems and deliver exceptional client experiences

So, if you want more, better, and easier ~ then you’ve landed on the right profile. Get BOTH More and Less:

More Listings. More Control. More Independence.

Less wasted time. Less unnecessary work. Less stress.

Curious to learn more?

Visit: https://linktr.ee/accomplishedre.resources

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Book an introduction call here: https://tinyurl.com/yeywd3tk