Nicole Mangina

Nicole Mangina

Windermere Real Estate


Real estate is often something that you happen to get into. At least it was that way for me. 27 years ago, fresh out of college and wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my life, a friend suggested real estate. As someone with a degree in nutrition, it didn't seem like a logical next step, but the adventure intrigued me.

And here I am, still selling real estate all these years later. Grateful for the adventure and the opportunities it has provided for personal growth, deep friendships, financial support for our family and more than a few - I didn't see that one coming moments.

In the beginning I subscribed to the more work and more effort must be needed for more results mindset. And it worked - until it didn't. After a while there aren't any more hours to work or things that you can add to your list. I wanted my life back.

Fortunately I had an amazing mentor who taught me how to combine energy work with my business so that I could have both. My life AND a successful business. The practices that I've been using for over 15 years have made a tremendous impact in not only my income, but my relationships and my quality of life.

Sharing these tools has been my passion for the last decade. I love the thrill of negotiating a real estate transaction but what I love MOST is helping others apply energy work to their business and experience results they never thought possible. To see the light come back in their eyes. To see them believe in themselves again and to see their success skyrocket.

That is my greatest joy in life and passion.